Naxos Island

The Venetian Castle in Naxos

The Venetian Castle in Naxos Town

Naxos Island is one of the most attractive islands in Greece. It is the largest in size in Cyclades and it combines fantastic beaches with mountainous beauty. Naxos Town (or Hora) is the capital and the port of the island. It is a beautiful town, very picturesque with distinct character and style.

Portara, a massive gate of the unfinished temple of ancient god Apollo, lies on Palatia Islet and attracts thousands of visitors. The Venetian Castle in the heart of the town goes back to the era of Venetian rule (1207 - 1564 AD). The inner walls remain and many venetian houses still exist. There is also museums, the 13th century Catholic Cathedral and passing through the alleys is an experience. The old market around the Venetian castle blends perfectly with it. A maze of narrow streets, lanes and arches makes it very attractive, more than beautiful.

There are more than 40 villages to visit, each with its own style. The beaches are of the best in Greece and landscape is unique. Apeiranthos is a very nice village with many streets and housed made with marble. Koronos is a stepped village scrabbling up two opposite mountain sides and it is renowned for its emery mines. Keramoti is a village surrounded by mountains and it is full of walnut trees, vineyards and olive trees.

Saint George in Naxos Town is the most popular beach of the island. It is over 1 Km long with fine sand, beach facilities and water sports. Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna are also very popular with excellent infrastructure too. The are also many beaches in the island and the combination of a visit to a village or a place with a beach is ideal.

There are many monuments to visit, Panagia Drossiani Church (close to Moni Village), Saint George Diassoritis Church (in Halki - Tragea valley), the tower of Belonia.

The Olive Press Museun in Eggares village is worth a visit.

Naxos Island is also ideal for walking, cycling and 4x4 tours. There are at least 20 walking tours (guided or not) to discover Naxos secrets.